I didn't think he liked me very much. He was kind of a grumpy old man from what I remember… Especially when he had to come stay with us when our parents were in jail. We were the worst undisciplined kids ever! Poor guy! I'm surprised we didn't kill him! But what do you expect from a man who survived WWII and the Korean War. If the war & a shrapnel in the head didn't kill him, we surely weren't going to no matter how bad & bratty we were. I love you Grandpa, grumpy old man! Thank You to the only Grandpa I ever really knew who wasn't even my real Grandpa! & thank you to everyone who has served & who serves for others! Happy Memorial Day!#ThankYou #Grandpa #MyHero #PurpleHeart #Heros #SHEroes #ILoveYou #IAppreciateYou #MemorialDay #Bravery