Happy Birthday Little Precious Princess Angel! I love you. I know you hate birthdays and attention and people knowing that it's your birthday so that's why I'm posting this. Birthdays are not about birthday wishes, attention, cake, and presents, but rather it is a reminder to celebrate YOU. To celebrate your life, your birth, who you are, what you have accomplished and to make a wish for what you hope to and want to accomplish, manifest and attract into your future. So #HappyBirthdayToYOU I know you don't feel like you have earned the right to celebrate yourself and you feel like you haven't done enough, helped enough, accomplished enough, achieved enough, succeeded enough, are good enough, special enough, etc. etc. But you are. You don't believe me, but I'm proud of you. You have done so much and you have made a huge positive impact in the lives of many people. I know you want to accomplish so much more and I promise you that YOU WILL. So today, I want to congratulate you on the things you have done to date and on the things you will do in the years to follow! #Happy, #HappyBirthday #LittleGirl #PrincessAngel #YouAreSpecial #Loved #Unique #YOUnique #Precious #OnPurpose #MeantToShine #ILoveYou #IAmProudOfYou #DontGiveUp #BelieveInYourself #CelebrateYourLife #MessageFromGod