Mastering Your Dream Body Life

Originally posted at The Daily Love

So, you know how you’ll never forget that 1st real kiss? Or your 1st love? Or your 1st …well…you know…your 1st time?

Recently, in front of a huge audience, I gave my 1st public speech ever. I also just got my 1st book contract to write my very 1st book. And this is my 1st blog post ever.

So I hope you’ll bear with me if I’m a little bit nervous, but I’m going to do this because I’m so excited about sharing my message with you—my message about how to attractyour dream body, skinny, tone, voluptuous, or whatever suits you while being healthy at the same time. And my message about models.

Because you probably have some misconceptions about us.

But in this first blog post, I just want to start by telling you the truth: It wasn’t until I stopped killing myself at the gym and started eating more that I lost more than 20 pounds, was able to attain the ideal body for my frame, and go on to become a successful international fashion model and, more recently, author.

I know it sounds crazy. I know. It’s even crazier that a model who isn’t a doctor, a dietician or a nutritionist can teach you how to get your ideal body. But it’s true. If a ditzy model can figure it out, then anyone can.

The place to begin is where—and who–you are. Obviously, you can’t grow six inches, or go from a double A to a double D (well, not unless you see a plastic surgeon). But you can have the body of your dreams and still be healthy. You are gorgeous, and you don’t need a magazine cover or a modeling contract to feel that way.

But maybe the body of your dreams haunts you and you haven’t been able to get there. So you may be curious about me. As a model, the million-dollar questions I get asked all day long are:

1. “How do you stay so thin?”

2. “What do you eat?”

3. “What exercises do you do?”

4. “Do models really starve themselves and live off gum and cigarettes?”

Surprisingly, most skinny models don’t really workout, don’t diet, don’t starve themselves, don’thave poor self-images and are not anymore blessed than the rest of the world. Me included! They eat what they want to eat, they move the way they feel like moving and they don’t starve themselves.

It’s a lot easier than you might think.  What I discovered is that there are basically only five key elements that determine body weight. This applies to everyone. I call them the Five Keys to Model Skinny, but they are ultimately the keys to your dream body, whatever that is: skinny, toned, voluptuous, athletic…the healthiest version of you. Life is about realizing your dreams and this is about finding your dream body, not the one the media has brainwashed you into thinking is ideal.

But by adopting a model’s mentality and by “modeling” a healthy model’s behavior, you will not only be able to attract the body you want, but you will feel better, look better and you’ll be more confident, healthier, happier and boost your self-esteem.

Each week I will show you how to master these keys like a supermodel. From the makeup chair to the runway, it is my honor to share with you the secrets to unlocking not just your dream body, but your dream life!

But I won’t leave you hanging. Here is a sneak preview to the five keys, which I’ll explain in more detail in subsequent blogs (and in my upcoming book, Model Skinny):

1. Self-Awareness

2. Sleep

3. Stress

4. Eating

5. Moving

Those are the five keys and I have so much to tell you about them, but I’ll keep it short and sweet for now. I’m really looking forward to sharing more secrets, tips, techniques and stories about the healthy habits of models, and how you can live the life and have the body of your dreams. So stay tuned, but until then, sit up tall, take a deep breath, roll your shoulders back, hold your core in and notice how much better you feel…. (Do IT! You cannot read on until you do it.) :)

Research shows that good posture improves your circulation, makes you feel better, makes you look better, makes you appear more confident and actually burns calories! Plus, it automatically makes you look 10 pounds lighter! Posture is the 1st thing a model learns and is essential to creating the body awareness, Key 1, that you need.

So for the rest of the day, assume your Supermodel Posture and notice how much better you feel and look!

Stay Healthy, LoVe YOURSELF, and Shine!