Monthly Archive: July 2014

"Everybody dies famous in a small town." ~ @mirandalambert #Tbt #EverybodyDiesFamousInASmallTown #Fame #Famous #Cover #People #SmallTownGirl #PickyEater #StillAm "When I was six years old, my local newspaper had a contest titled “The Yuckiest Food My Parents Make Me Eat.” My mom made me enter it, and I won. The winning entry? “I hate spaghetti, because it’s gross, but my Mom makes me eat it so my hair will grow. When she makes it I have to eat it. My hair is long now.” While I no longer eat spaghetti or think it will grow my hair long, we’ve all heard the saying “what you think, you become.” It’s the same thing with food and dieting. My mom told me that little white lie about spaghetti because she wanted me to eat foods I didn’t like. I know now that biotin-rich foods like carrots, Swiss chard, and raspberries do help, and that’s why I eat them. So, what do you think about your diet? Do you think you eat healthy? Do you think you eat too much or too little? What are your food vices? What is the one food you cannot give up and very likely think is the reason you can’t lose that last 5 pounds? Well, what you think about the food you eat is the value you will get out of it. The good and the bad! Forget the actual nutritional value, studies have shown that your thoughts about what you’re eating affect how the food you eat affects your body, your weight, and your health." ~Excerpt from a #Blog post I did for #TheDailyLove check out the whole post online at ️